Environmental Advocacy/Legal Group

The Wild Equity Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit environmental organization that works on behalf of threatened species and disadvantages human populations through legal and educational activities. The Institute leverages its professional staff through a large number of volunteers working on numerous projects. Its collaborative needs included the following:

  • to organize staff and volunteers around specific projects and sub-projects
  • to insure access to confidential documents and discussions is restricted to authorized individuals
  • to schedule meetings, conference calls, and trips
  • to maintain a species listing that includes photo galleries for each species
  • to implement the site’s look&feel that was developed by a professional designer
  • to create a data system for the Big Year Competition that allows participants to record their sightings and activities on behalf of each endangered species and that delivers a real-time summary of results from the competition
  • We were able to deliver to the Institute a collaborative web site that met these needs:

    • Our basic Groups system provides a robust way to divide the Institute’s members into working groups and sub-groups for each project. It also gives organizational entities — the Board of Directors, the web site oversight team, and others — their own private areas where they can exchange documents, conduct discussions, schedule meetings and conference calls, etc.

    • Our Events system handles all standard types of meetings and conference calls, including collaborative scheduling, reminders, agenda and minutes. Plus we extended this system to manage the trips that the Institute sponsors — mapping each trip to the various endangered species that participants can hope to encounter on the trip.

    • Because of the robust database-backed infrastructure of the Epimetrics Epicenter platform, we could readily create a Species system that allows Institute staff easily to manage descriptions and photos of each species and mapped links to Big Year participant advocacy action items and sightings. This system reports in real time the current status of each person’s activities as well as the overall results and rankings.

    • The Epimetrics Epicenter platform’s adherence to best-practice coding approaches using cascading stylesheets allowed us readily to implement the graphic designer’s look and feel for the site.
    • The Wild Equity site has been well-received by the Institute’s members and staff. Says ED Brent Plater: “Our web site is indispensable to our operations. We simply couldn’t accomplish our work without it.”

Created: October 10, 2009 02:04
Last updated: November 29, 2018 00:20


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