• CV Outcomes, Inc. is a Kansas City-based clinical research organization founded in 2001 that operates the research projects of the Cardiovascular Outcomes Research Consortium (CORC) and manages licensing of the leading cardiovascular quality-of-life measures, the SAQ, KCCQ, and PAQ. John Spertus, MPH, MD, FACC is one of the global leaders in cardiovascular outcomes research and the driving force behind CV Outcomes. The web site at this point:
    • Has over 50 project groups and 3,800 users
    • Runs all the collaborative operations for three $5-10M multi-center CORC studies
    • Manages 1,900 HRQOL instrument licenses for studies involving over 200,000 patients
  • MyHealthOutcomes is a new startup just getting underway. It is a “personal health record” for heart patients that enables them to record and track their health status using John Spertus’ quality-of-life measures, the SAQ, KCCQ, and PAQ. The site is in a beta-testing phase right now but will soon be open to all heart patients on a subscription basis.
  • Palliative Care – Heart Failure Education And Research Trials (PC-HEART) was a Salt Lake City-based clinical research consortium founded in 2003. PC-HEART was run by Sarah Goodlin, MD, who is one of the foremost investigators into palliative care in heart failure. The PC-HEART organization was rather smaller than CORC and in fact has ceased operations at the web site due to budgetary constraints, but the web site:
    • Had 10 project groups and 400 users

Non-profit Organizations

  • Wild Equity Institute is San Francisco Bay Area non-profit environmental legal/educational organization focused on threatened and endangered species.
  • SF Natural Areas is a web site for volunteers with the San Francisco Natural Areas Program. Volunteers can post photos and blog about workparties and issues. It manages event calendars, and event organizers can use the system to send out reminders and track RSVPs.
  • Remnant Prairies Association is a Kansas organization that organizes and supports local landowners of parcels of remaining native prairie. The site provides educational and novel ecological measurement tools as well as group communication functions that assist projects to plan and execute habitat restoration work.
  • Laguna Honda Neighborhood Association is a neighborhood organization in San Francisco using a fairly vanilla installation of the Epimetrics Epicenter platform to monitor and discuss local issues, organize events, and communicate with public officials.

We are of course always keen to expand our client roster, so email us if you would like to discuss your organizational needs!

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