The Epimetrics Group is an information technology research and development laboratory focused on the collaborative communication and data management needs of healthcare research organizations, professional associations, advocacy groups, and other client organizations.

We specialize in devising innovative solutions to difficult problems such as patient health status monitoring, coordination of multicenter clinical trials and distributed project management. We help our clients understand conceptual and workflow problems and how information technology can move their operations to a new level of efficiency and accuracy. Our signature product is Epimetrics Epicenter, a comprehensive, integrated set of collaborative web-based tools that can be deployed under a spectrum of service arrangements.

We clearly understand our clients’ issues from years of medical and administrative roles in clinical and research settings. We’ve grappled extensively with the complexities and subtleties of healthcare information issues and their associated regulatory, business, political and scientific ramifications.

Our technologies expand upon best-of-breed work in the open source developer community. We are able to harness a world-wide collaborative movement in the process of creating our clients’ solutions. We design and implement software not merely to accomplish tasks but to do so elegantly. We consider computer code to be “poetry that reads itself to you”.

We are motivated by a progressive agenda. Within healthcare — our original domain — we believe that the industry’s prime goal should be to enhance population health through equitable deployment of services and products that are validated through evidence of beneficial, cost-effective patient outcomes. In other domains like the environment, we believe that science and government should work to preserve and protect the Public Commons. Our whole purpose in being in this business is to advance this effort through application of useful information technologies.

We work hard and quickly. We communicate well with clients and colleagues. We enjoy what we do. We are based in the San Francisco Bay area. Explore our site to see representative examples of our capabilities.

Created: October 09, 2009 22:46
Last updated: December 10, 2009 22:13


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