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  • Extending Date/Time Formats in Rails 3

    One of the many under-the-hood changes in Rails 3.x involves how date and time formats are extended. This is still done in an initializer, but the Rails classes have changed.

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  • RSpec Request Specs vs Cucumber

    Cucumber has major mind-share these days. Rails 3 in Action and The RSpec Book illustrate how behavior-driven development can be done alternating between integration/acceptance tests and unit tests via Cucumber and Rspec.

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  • Rails 3.1 Dev Setup

    Now that Rails 3.1 is nearing release, we’ve finally decided to migrate from 2.x development into the sunshine of the new Rails 3 world. We’re less embarrassed to be such late adopters than perhaps we should be, since at last year’s Golden Gate Ruby Conference at least half the people we talked with hadn’t yet started to move to Rails 3. But the time finally now seems right.

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  • New Web Site

    At long last, a break in other more pressing projects has allowed us to update this web site, replacing the older one based on OpenACS with a true “eat your own dog food” Ruby on Rails site.

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  • RAID1 on Debian Sarge Redux - SATA drives and 2.6.x kernel

    In an earlier discussion, we described how to install RAID1 on a by-now older Debian Sarge box using a 2.4.x kernel and IDE drives. While the basic approach remains similar, we ran into issues installing on a new “9G” Dell box (SC440) which has SATA drives and the Intel ICH7 controller. Here is a step-by-step summary of how we got this to work.

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  • RAID1 on Debian Sarge

    A RAID device is a Redundant Array of Independent Disks. The concept was developed in 1987 at UC Berkeley and involves the creation of a virtual disk from multiple small disks in order to deliver improved performance and reliability. There are many flavors of RAID and lots of variations in how to implement it. We detail here a specific instance we use: software RAID1 using IDE disks on a Dell PowerEdge box running Debian “sarge” loaded with grub, managed by mdadm, using the ext3 journaling file system.


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