A neighborhood association wanted a public web site with information about the neighborhood, integrated with private communication facilities for use by members of the association alone. Here’s how we were able to deploy this using the Epimetrics Epicenter platform essentially right out of the box.

Neighborhood Association

A local neighborhood association — Laguna Honda Neighbors (site now decommissioned) — wanted a public web site where it could post news and an events calendar, integrated with a private area for member discussion of neighborhood safety issues, merchant recommendations, and similar topics.

This project was able to utilize the Epimetrics Epicenter platform basically right out of the box. All the user signup/login and group management tools handle the access control requirements, while the various communication tools — forums, FAQs, documents, news, and events calendar — handle all the rest.

Created: October 09, 2009 19:04
Last updated: June 15, 2015 20:19


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